The Switch
    So how do you Switch?  Well first you have to find the music.  On our forum you can discuss the program, tell people about music, and the most important... find the music.  Second you have to listen to the music.  Buy it off of ITunes or wherever you can get it.  Third you have to get rid of the secular music.  Not all secular music is bad, but most is.  When you listen to music your supporting everything they say in their music.  Do you really want to support everything they say?  Or really...Does God want you to support everything they say?  Push the music that supports sin, away from your life.  Change the radio to a Christian station or plug in your iPod and play your favorite Christian hits.  These steps will hopefully help you get closer to God and live more like his awesome example he set for us...  Jesus
The Switch Forum
Want help finding great Christian music!  Join or just post in our forum and I will help you as soon as possible